About GWCC

Global WellnessCare Centers, Inc. was founded in 2015 and has become the vehicle for the passionate desire to bring the benefits of health knowledge to everyone whether they are in need of treatment or want to learn how to build up their natural ability to fight sickness and lead a healthier, happy and more productive life.

Led by the teachings of the integrative medicine practitioners on the Medical Advisory Board of GWCC and other experts from all over the world, Global WellnessCare Centers is in the process of establishing clinics that will treat a wide variety of health conditions. Not only will we be treating many different types of chronic diseases, but we are also dedicated to showing patients how to avoid disease through nutrition, healthy living and the right mental attitude.

The practitioners working with GWCC have many dozens, if not hundreds, of patient stories that we can point to where people have extended their lives or treated disease in a manner that avoids so many of the side effects of well-known allopathic treatments. Disease is serious business but heart problems, cancers, vascular problems, dementia and many more issues can be successfully treated by using Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine uses very diverse therapies from many different countries. At GWCC, medical doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurses, dentists, other therapists and nutritionists will all work together to find the best way to treat your health issues or teach you how to be healthier. The treatments are predominantly non-invasive and without the side effects that drugs or surgeries can cause.

You can come to a GWCC clinic with complete confidence that you will be evaluated by the doctor in charge and have a schedule of treatment designed specifically for you. We are always innovating, searching and discovering new proven techniques to help you live better, longer and happier. At any GWCC-affiliated clinic if there are issues that need broader experience, our international team of integrative medicine experts is always available to assist you and your doctor.

GWCC has a vision to become the worldwide leader in integrative healthcare but our primary focus is you, the patient. We are dedicated not only to helping the gravely ill but also those who are fairly healthy and want to be healthier and more productive in their lives. We have also embarked on corporate wellness plans to help companies assist their employees, customers and community to be healthier and avoid illness, and at the same time to save on healthcare expenditures. This type of corporate wellness program has already been proven to work so we encourage self-insured companies to learn what is possible.

GWCC offers management services including clinic operational software, marketing and patient qualification, accounting and business practice management as a part of our consulting services for the health care industry. We have product supplier partnerships and equipment suppliers to assure you that you get the best at the fairest price. Our online ecommerce site offers your patients an opportunity for them to reorder products no matter where they are.

We look forward to bringing our knowledge and hope to you at our specialized clinics, wellness centers or right to your workplace.

GWCC's vision is to markedly improve the quality of health, quality of life and productivity of every person we encounter.

GWCC's mission is to work with integrative wellness-care facilities and wellness-care programs worldwide that will resolve and prevent diseases, promote healthy lifestyle choices and improve each person's ability to do their life's work efficiently.