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What is Gwcc?

Global WellnessCare Centers, Inc. was founded in 2015 and has become the vehicle for the passionate desire to bring the benefits of health knowledge to everyone whether they are in need of treatment or want to learn how to build up their natural ability to fight sickness and lead a healthier, happy and more productive life.

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What is happening in GWCC?

Something New and Extraordinary Is always Happening in GWCC. Check out the latest information below.

Jonathan V. Wright MD joins the GWCC group of distinguished resources available to our clinics. Known as a leader and a legend in the natural and alternative medicine field, Dr. Wright brings a strong background and vision for the future to compliment team of experts.
On August 22nd we opened up the doores for a WellnessCare Center in Phoenix Downtown. GWCC is committed to opening and affiliating with clinics to treat chronic diseases all over the world starting in Phoenix and already expanding into affiliated clinics in California , Texas, Washington, and more. The Phoenix Downtown Global WellnessCare Center is fully staffed with doctors under the training and support of Dr. Lee Cowden.
In the planning stage is the WellnessCare Source website and center to bring the finest supplements and nutritional products to the public all backed by WellnessCare Source experts and manufacturers. Watch for it in October of 2016.


Our experts bring you many years of experience and compassion